Our Facilities

The South Stanley Partnership is a registered charity, based at the St. Stephens Centre in Holly Hill gardens East, South Stanley. The partnership operates the St. Stephens centre as a community centre and community cafe, providing local services such as meal deliveries for local people and venues for a wide range of community groups and activities.

Community Cafe

St. Stephen's Community Cafe provides freshly prepared, locally produced food at affordable prices. Our cafe is also child-friendly. Everyone welcome. 


Open daily from 9am to 1pm. Meals cooked daily from fresh locally grown produce. Prices are:

Small meal £3.25,

Medium meal £3.75,

Large meal £4.25

Belly Buster £5.50

Sunday lunches £4.00 for a small meal £5.00 for a large meal and £6.50 for an extra large. Variety of hot puddings available for £1 each. Delivery service available for only £1 in Stanley area, call for details.

Main Hall

The main hall is a large space which can be used for larger conferences, events and for various community groups.


The Hall is situated just through the main doors of the building and can be divided into two sections by soundproof screen. The screen can be opened so that the hall can be used for bigger occasion.


The Northern half of the hall is used to house the community cafe from 9am till 1pm on Sundays and weekdays but is available to hire at other times. Please contact us for pricing a schedule.

Small Conferance Room

The small conference room can be used for meetings or small groups and is located up a short flight of stairs which are equipped with a functioning chair lift.


The room has a large table which can comfortably sit 16 people.


If you or your group would like to arrange to use the small conference room facility please contact us in order to make suitable arrangements.

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Registered Charity Number 1173940