Wednesday Luncheon Club


Meeting at St. Stephens Community Centre every Wednesday form 12.00pm the Wednesday Luncheon Club is an opportunity for people to meet, chat and mingle over 2 courses and some light entertainment.

In need of transport or have some mobility issues? Not a problem, call Carol on 01207 299951 in advance and we will arrange transport for you to and from the centre.

Entertainment varies for week to week but may include music, bingo, quizzes, films or even radio plays as well as a range of other activities. Become a member and have a say in the entertainments scheduled or anything else about the club. This is run by local people for local people.


Chat and exchange stories, reminiscences, interests and hobbies with new friends and old.

Cost is £3 per person when you attend. Tea, coffee, entertainment and a two course lunch are all included.


Ideal for those who want to meat new people, or who wish to become more involved in the community or for those who are feeling isolated as well as anyone who just want a hot meal cooked by some one else every now and then.


Friendly atmosphere and helpful people make this a welcoming club for one and all.

To order tickets in advance call in or ring Carol on 01207299951

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